Custom development from scripting to interactive authoring for producers.

Since 1991 Silver Image Interactive, Inc. has been producing award winning interactive multimedia products. Let us assist you in developing those products for your clients and expand you profit base.

Custom work can include:


Creative scripting is available on an hourly basis

Remote and Studio Photography

Professional staff and equipment are available for above and underwater still photography, remote and studio photography as well as custom image development

QuickTimeVR Production

Remote and studio photography for the creation of panoramic and object movies for inclusion into your Macromedia Director programs or WEB projects

Interactive Multimedia

Since 1985 David Rosenblatt, President of Silver Image Inteeractive, Inc. has developed interactive programs such as touch screen exhibits, business and educational interactive CD and DVD-ROMs, using Macromedia Director, now Adobe Director.

Digital Video

Two full non-linear editing system provides digitizing, editing, compression and encoding in most of the major formats such as QuickTime, MPEG1,MPEG2, DV,DV-Video Disc Mastering, M-JPEG, AVI and well as the ability to convert Macromedia Director programs to broadcast quality video (MII, 3/4, S-VHS, VHS)

Digital Audio

Digitizing, editing, compression and conversions in most of the major audio formats such as AIFF, SoundEdit, Wave, MIDI, QuickTime, Sound Designer, Amiga, Creative Labs, Dialogic, Gravis Patch, Next/Sun, Sample Vision, Sonic Foundry, System7, Resource and many more.

Graphic Design and Production

Staff artists can create original artwork in any digital format, or clients can access our libraries of more than 200,000 images.

Graphic Digitizing and Format Conversions

Scan images or produce PhotoCDs for high quality digital inputing. We can convert between many formats such as: PhotoShop, FreeHand, Canvas, Illustrator, Amiga, WindowsBitmap, GIF, Postscript, PIXAR, TIFF, JPEG, PhotoCD, MacPaint, PCX, PICT, Drawing Exchange, PixelPaint, Scitex CT, Adobe PDF, Halo, CorelDraw, Microsoft Paint, QuickDraw3D, QuickTime, RTF, TARGA and others

2D Animation

Producing 2D animations for use in Macromedia Director projects can be accomplished


Production music libraries as well ast art and images libraries are available

CD-ROM and DVD-Video Cover and Booklet Design for Printing

Design and create the digital files necessary to go to any national CD-ROM Duplicator or print facility for your CD-ROM or brochure project

CDR and DVD-Video Mastering

Create single CD-ROM and DVD-Video masters for special projects, video playback, kiosks or transportation of high resolution and video files

Producing award-winning multimedia products

since 1991

Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

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