Silver Image Interactive, Inc. is a full service interactive multimedia production facility with the following services:

Both Merily Miller and David Rosenblatt have extensive background in film.

70 and 35 mm projection and 35mm feature film production.

16mm corporate and broadcast films were produced by both partners.

Over sixty years of combined broadcast, corporate and professional video experience is available from Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

We have evolved from film to video and today produce the best interactive multimedia in Florida.

Design and Scripting
• Research and Concept
• High level and detail designs
• Treatments and storyboards
• Scripting
• Remote and studio photography
• QuickTime VR remote and studio production
• Close-up and macro photography
• 2D color image and slide scanning
• Graphic design and production
• Illustration, 2D and 3D animation
• Macintosh and IBM graphic file conversions
• Macintosh and Windows multimedia "Director" authoring
• Rapid prototyping
• Media integration
• In-house hardware and software testing
• Kiosk design and manufacturing
• Product installation and staff training
• Remote and studio digital audio production
• Audio digitizing and conversions and encoding
• Audio editing
• Sound effects Libraries
• Music Libraries
• Music search, selection and procurement
Virtual Reality
• Production of VR Images
See VR Examples Here
• Production music libraries on CD-DVD-ROM
• Art and image libraries on CD-DVD-ROM
• Remote and studio videography
• Digitizing, conversions and encoding
• Digital non linear editing suites(2)
• Encoding for the web
Other Services
• CD-ROM development and pre-mastering
• DVD video development and pre-mastering

Producing award-winning multimedia products

since 1991

Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

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