Florida Botanical Gardens

Largo, Florida

With Florida’s sensitivity to its water table and the threat of pollution of its precious water sources, the Florida Botanical Gardens contracted with Silver Image Interactive, Inc. to produce an interactive program to help increase the awareness of the state’s dependency on its population to protect its water resources.
The interactive program primarily focuses on middle school children who often make class trips to the Gardens.
Silver Image interactive, Inc. developed an exceptional program with games and interactive materials that keep students’ interest level high while providing them important facts about Florida’s aquifer.
The Gardens has a special requirement for a custom outdoor kiosk. After looking at all of the "off-the-shelf" kiosks, David Rosenblatt found that none met Florida’s temperature and humidity requirements. He designed the kiosk with its own "Thermal Couple" air conditioning unit and equipped it with a daylight activated touch LCD screen so that the unit can remain outside and be accessible to visitors as they wander through the Gardens

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Museum of Arts & Sciences

Daytona Beach, Florida

In the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach you’ll find three outstanding interactive programs on railroads in Florida by Silver Image Interactive, Inc.
This touchscreen kiosk was modeled after one of the railroad cars that the Root Family, owners of the Coca Cola Bottling company, used in traveling around the U.S.
The kiosk needed to match the railcar that was sitting right outside the doors of the exhibit. When visitors walk out to see the real railcar, it is as if you are walking onto a railroad platform. Sensors start the hiss of the compressed air from the trains brakes and you can hear the porter at the head of the car calling out historical railroad stops along Florida’s east coast. “All aboard!”

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Museum of Arts & Sciences

Daytona Beach, Florida

Standing at eight and one half feet tall, this kiosk resembles a steam engine, complete with its beautiful brass bell.
Inside the kiosk is an interactive program about the history and development of the steam engine.
Several video hosts bring you through the program, one a scientist who delightfully explains what makes the engine go ... another, a railroad magnate who explains the business of the railroads, then an engineer who gives you the scoop on keeping the train on track and then there is an educational game that challenges the player to read the railroad interpretive signs to stay out of trouble and keep the train on course and, very importantly, on schedule.

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Museum of Arts & Sciences

Daytona Beach, Florida

"A Conversation With Henry Flagler" was a three screen interactive touchscreen that covered the changes brought to Florida by Henry Flagler. The program provided in-depth conversations with Henry Flagler as he told his life story and how he brought tourism to the State of Florida.

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City Information System

City of Clearwater

The City Information System was developed to fill the need of visitors and Clearwater residents. Silver Image Interactive, Inc. created a series of in-depth databases that could be developed and maintained by each city department. This created a system that could be updated continually. using state of the art cellular modems to update the various kiosks, Silver image Interactive Inc. created rugged touch screen kiosks that were placed in malls, a city building and the beach marina.
“The system provided information about city activities, events and maps on how to get around the city," said David Rosenblatt of Silver Image Interactive, Inc.
The City of Clearwater has a very active events calendar, hosting annual Fun ‘n Sun month-long schedule of activities and concerts. This venue allowed updated information to get immediately to the city’s resident base.
In addition, position openings were posted, providing the community access and awareness to city employment opportunities.
All of this information could easily be updated by appointed city employees.

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MOTE Marine

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. developed an interactive touchscreen program to be used in two outside kiosks. We provided the technology for MOTE Marine to build those kiosks.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. also designed a three screen outdoor kiosk as show on the right. This would house two interactive programs and one video program.

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Secury Information System

GTE Corporation

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. consults, designs and assists in the development of kiosks for our clients. We use ergonomics to design a good looking, economical yet strong kiosk

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This is an example of a corporate touch system developed for the security industry. The touchscreen is designed to operate under harsh conditions and provides protection to the LCD screen below it.

using LEXON as part of the covering also provides safety for the touchscreena nd computer within the kiosk.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. has designed interactive multimedia programs and kiosks for over seventeen years.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. has teamed with the best manufacturers, designers and providers of computer equipment to provide the best hardware and longest lasting systems on the market.

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