Partial Client List

The following is a partial client list that illustrates SII’s working relationships with museums and businesses

• Brookgreen Gardens, Pawley’s Island, S.C.

• Interactive program dealt with sculpture, the medium and its artists.

• City of Clearwater, Clearwater, Florida

• Interactive program targeted for City of Clearwater residents and visitors. Communicating information on the city’s infrastructure, parks and recreation activities, positions available within the city, hotels, motels and attractions for tourists and various other city communications could be updated form the city into the system.

• City of DeLand, DeLand, Florida

• Interactive program featured local history and DeLand’s participation in Civil War, World War I and II. Kiosk resides in the city’s courthouse.

• CLVerify Corporation, Clearwater, Florida

• Marketing CD for CLVerify to promote advantages and facets of its company. Included complicated presentation with graphics translated to interactive CD format.

• Collier County Museum, Ft. Myers, Florida

• "Old Naples "- original music score, production, editing, duplication, encoding
• "Tamiami Trail"- production, editing, duplication, encoding
• "Born of the Sea" - production, 2D animation, editing, duplication, encoding
• "Seminole Digital Audio" - digital recording, editing
• Gramophone interactive display - digital recording, editing

• Dinamation Corporation, Hollywood, California

• "Dinosaurs: The Untold Story" - Scripting

• Eupen Corporation, St. Petersburg, Florida

• Interactive training CD – included video remote and editing.

Excellence in Action, Summit on Reform in Education 2008. JGS Media Services, Largo, FL

• Interactive CD-ROM program that highlights a national convention on education. Includes links to websites, PDF files and video.

• Florida Botanical Gardens, Largo, Florida

• "Liquid Planet” is an active program designed for middle school children. It has numerous interactive games, video and poses the question of how we can help to conserve and protect our water resources. CD-ROMs of the program are provided to classroom children to enhance their visit to the gardens. The kiosk is located in an outside pavilion. It has a self-contained air-cooling system and weather-proof kiosk design.

• Florida Heritage Museum, St. Augustine, Florida

• Digital audio fills the museum with the sound of wildlife in the prehistory section, a raging storm and a sinking galleon in the Spanish area, a historical look at Ft. Mose and a conversation of jail inmates in the Oldest Jail.

• Florida State Fair Authority

• Produced a six-screen synchronized DVD program where images were viewed on video projectors mounted overhead in a circle of 8’ by 10’ screens. The images rotated, simulating the movement of a carousel. The program highlighted archival images for 100 years of celebration at the Centennial at the Florida State Fair in 2004.

• Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, Florida

• A tour of the park along with a tour in history of the west coast area of Florida is recreated in this interactive program. Nature trails and historical trails feature inhabitants of the area from pre-Civil War through today.

• Henry B. Plant Museum. Tampa, Florida

• Christmas interactive audio production/displays
• Gasparilla Parade History - video featuring archival footage
• Interactive audio production and displays
• Spanish American War audio/interactive display

• Imaginarium Hands-On Museum, Ft. Myers, Florida
• Scripting/Audio Production for displays, “Your Body Talks.”
Winner of scriptwriting/audio production award, Golden Palm Festival,
statewide contest, 2000.

• Jacksonville Beach Museum of History, Florida

• Developed four DVD programs for the newly renovated museum. One entertains history from Paleo-Indian era to present day. The other three DVDs are synchronized programs that present visual images of the Jacksonville Beaches by decades.

• Lake County Historical Museum, Tavares, Florida

• "Lake County - Then and Now" Interactive touchscreen program brings viewers through the early history of Lake County (beginning with the Paleo-Indian culture through the 20th century).

• "Historical Images" videotape plays in the museum illustrating sepia-toned historical images, some of which are almost 100 years old.

• Lost Civilization of Malta, OTS Foundation, Sarasota, Florida

• Wrote script, designed graphics for DVD production of three marketing videos. Recorded audio, edited sound effects, completed non-linear editing with Final Cut Pro and mastered to three DVDs. Work presented in Malta to the Minister of Education and various agencies in the United States.

• Moore Methodist Museum, St. Simons Island, Georgia

• “The Lord’s Horsemen” is an interactive program that discusses the life of the Methodist circuit rider, the first bishops and camp meeting sites. Designed graphics, edited script, recorded audio, sound effects and music and authored in Adobe Director for an interactive interpretation of the life and times of early Methodists in America.

• Mote Marine Center, Sarasota, Florida

• Developed a touchscreen, interactive program for the center featuring “Sharktracker.” This program brings an interactive, multimedia experience to visitors who follow the track of sharks in Florida’s estuaries.

• Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, Florida

• "Florida East Coast Pirates” is an interactive program tracing the whereabouts and on-goings of pirates along Florida’s east coast. It has animated characters, an interactive treasure game along with character interpretations.

• "Cuba's Influence on Florida" features segments on cultural, religious, artistic and social impact that Cuban immigrants have had on Florida. It was produced in two languages, Spanish and English. It has a video interview, in both languages, with Ruben Batista, son of the late Dictator Batista of Cuba.

• "Center for Florida History" has nine interactive modules that cover Florida history from the Paleo-Indians, Spanish Conquistadors, British Occupation, Florida Crackers, Civil War, 1890s, World War 1 and 2 and the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. The work included researching, scripting, graphic production, music selection and editing, narration production and authoring. Scriptwriting award was presented in 1998 by Golden Palm Awards, statewide video festival.

• "Florida East Coast Railroad/Chapman Root Exhibit" has four interactive touchscreen programs and a train station digital audio program. One interactive program deals with the life of Henry Flagler. It consists of three screens, one on which a touchscreen allows the visitor to make topic selections and the others show the images within the selection, displayed in a kiosk resembling a Florida East Coast Railway passenger car.

• “The Root Family” interactive program is hosted by John Root, grandson of Chapman Root, as he reminisces about his childhood memories.

• “The Art and History of the Steam Train,” provides a close-up look at how the train industry influenced art and design, as well as time zones and the industrial revolution within America.

• “The Science and Technology of Steam Trains,” features various characters in video that entertain visitors on steam train related topics. How a steam engine works, the history and the business behind those engines and the terminology of the steam era become easier to understand through our character on-camera hosts.

• "Gamble Place" provides an interactive look at the Gamble property located on Spruce Creek in Port Orange, Florida. It has virtual reality tours and follows the family lines of the Gambles of Procter and Gamble fame from Ohio to Florida.

• Old St. Augustine Village, St. Augustine, Florida

• "French in Florida" is an interactive, touchscreen program promoting the historical significance of the French in Florida. It covers the period of history from the French Huguenots in 1563 to the 1800s with Prince Achilles Murat's residency in one of the houses in the village.

• "Audubon in Florida" is an interactive, touchscreen program that traces Audubon's travels through Florida in 1831-32. It features a historical section about the Audubon family, traces the steps of Audubon through Florida, and illustrates the beauty and depth of his work as well as the state of Florida.

• Polk County Museum of History, Bartow, Florida

• Video program featuring the history of Polk County through historical images and reference materials

• Preserve Eatonville Community, Inc., Eatonville, Florida

• "Jump at the Sun"- video production, editing, duplication

• O’Reilly House Museum, Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Augustine, Florida

• Scripted and produced and programmed an audio module for two animatronic figures representing the first Catholic sisters who came from LePuy, France to teach the black children in St. Augustine.

• Scripted and produced a DVD program that provides an overview of the O’Reilly House and a visual tour

• Military Museum, Largo Florida

• Produced stereo soundtracks for interactive military exhibits located throughout the museum. Included research, scripting, sound effects, and audio editing.

• New Smyrna Beach Museum of History – New Smyrna Beach, Florida
The museum has the distinction of being the first to present newly-found information about the Turnbull Settlement located in New Smyrna, 1768-1777.
Various media programs tell the story as visitors travel through three –dimensional exhibits, models of ships and the settlement, drawers of artifacts and engage in six video programs and one, touchscreen interactive program.

• Riada Corporation, Tampa, Florida

• Designed multi-media presentation for New York City Transit Authority. Production involved remote video and still production in NYC, research, scripting, audio recording, editing audio and video, multi-media graphic design, and Adobe Director authoring.

• Spanish Quarter Museum - St. Augustine, Florida

• Multimedia, touchscreen product on the "Minorcans and their Traditions"
Recipient of ITVA Festival Gold Award, 1996

• St. Johns County Visitors and Convention Center, St. Augustine, Florida

• Produced interactive CD program for visitors to the center. The CD also linked to the internet for further exploration about the area.

• St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg, FL

• "Career Navigator" presents curriculum options in a database, along with student testimonials, career path choices and curriculum requirements for students entering college

• St. Petersburg Museum of History, St. Petersburg, Florida

• "Pre History" - multimedia conversion to video

• "As Time Goes By" - production, editing, duplication, encoding

• Peter Demens Video - multimedia production finished as video

• "Wings of History" CD-ROM - multimedia design and production
grant through the City of St. Petersburg for Pinellas County School
System. Recipient of Gold Award, Golden Palm Awards, 1997.

• “Keepers of the Past” - a DVD program that is shown in the multimedia theatre that highlights the series of events and people that made history in St. Petersburg.

• “Extra! Extra! See All About It!” is an interactive, touchscreen program that captures the stories of newsmakers that shaped the history of St. Petersburg.

• “Haunted Tales of St. Petersburg!” is a 625 sq, ft. exhibit that tells the tales of haunts of St. Petersburg using an interactive program for the Coliseum, two DVD programs for the Don CeSar and Fort De Soto Park, and three dimensional Pepper’s ghosts figures for the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel, the Civil War and Boca Ciega Bay and the famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

• “Hubert Rutland, Chairman of the Board and President” exhibit featured the life and work of St. Petersburg’s well-known banker and clothier, Hubert Rutland. Featured interactive CD with interviews of employees and family and a tribute DVD about the life of this well-known St. Petersburg man.

• State of Florida, 1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano, Japan

• Produced in three languages: French, Japanese and English for a State of Florida exhibit during the Winter Olympics in Japan. These interactive touchscreen kiosks hosted over 100,000 visitors to the exhibit. Recipient of statewide award, International Television Award, 1998.

• State of Florida, 2000 Summer Olympics, Sydney, Australia

• An interactive, touchscreen program produced in two languages for a State of Florida exhibit during the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Modules covered Florida’s History, the Seminole Indians, Cities and Attractions, Nature, Sports and Recreation, Business and Technology

• Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science, Tallahassee, Florida

• "Turn of the Century" is an interactive, touchscreen program that dealt with the period in Florida history between 1898 and 1910, people and politics, especially in the Tallahassee area.

• The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, St. Augustine, Florida

• Audio editing for interactive displays

• "Living and Working a Lighthouse" is an interactive, touchscreen program that also is retailed in the museum gift store. It features a historical perspective of the lighthouse and the families that grew up while stationed there.

• "Storing Memories" is a national award-winning interactive program that discusses lighthouses found around the world and in the United States and the communications associated with daymarks and nightmarks, along with interactive learning games. Recipient of nationwide award, AiME, for new media, 2000.

• “Settling America” is a CD-ROM produced for school children that features what colonial life was like in St. Augustine, Florida. It is distributed to classrooms within Florida. Along with lesson plans meeting Sunshine State Standards, the program is filled with interactive educational games, narration, animation, sound effects, and music designed to keep the attention of the viewers.

• TipTopCredit, Inc. Clearwater, Florida

• Interactive CD-ROM featuring PDF files for use in correspondence with credit bureaus, providing information to assist users in obtaining and understanding credit reports, correcting identity theft problems, and informing consumers of their legal rights.

• Ximenez-Fatio House, St. Augustine

• Interactive, touchsreen program that allows visitors to receive information about the colorful history of the house, take virtual reality tours and explore antique objects found within the house

• DVD Video illustrates the historical aspect of the boarding house through period costumed actors and vignettes staged in the Ximenez-Fatio House.

• Audio Tour provides visitors a pre-tour of the house, giving a perspective of the
house and its evolution in St. Augustine from the late 1700s.

• This series of programs won the distinguished "Preservation Education/Media – Outstanding Achievement Award" from The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Inc., 2004 Preservation Awards.

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