Sandy Alexander is a national printer with sites throughout the United States.

Their requirement was to build a marketing CD-ROM that could be send directly to potential clients and operate in that manner and the same CD-ROM could be used by a sales person and pre selected for a clients specific needs just showing that client parts of the program that related to them.

The system was developed in two parts.

Here we see the sales person portion which can be set by just dragging the specific client requirement to the boxes on the left of the screen in the order desired.

That information is saved and when the presentation is started for the client, that information controls the playback of the program.

If the marketing program is sent directly to a potential customer, the program opens and asks the user a few questions about their printing needs.
From that information the program constructs a playback list to only show the user information requested by them.
These are examples of some of the specific pages which included video, narration and pages of text information all synchronized by the program.
The program can be set to playback automatically or to stop at the end of each sequence and allow the user to move at their own speed.
The audio portion can be turned on or off by the sales person and the program will remember this command throughout the playback of the program.
In addition a menu is availabe to display an item not selected by the user in the begining.

This menu allows total control of the program for the user.

The program is cross platform and can playback on Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Autostart is available on the Windows platform.

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