David Rosenblatt's first computer was an IMSAI 8080 purchased in1976.

Processor: Intel 8080
Speed: 2 MHz
RAM: 16K (2) external memory boards
ROM: None-
Storage: Paper tape
Display Teletype - printer
Cost: $1,192
A typical memory board was 4k of memory. The computer input was the switches on the front panel and the output was a Teletype.
Basic was available but had to be loaded from a paper tape reader often taking up to 15 minutes to load.

David had on of the first "Basic Language" in E-PROM for a computer in Tampa.

David's next computer was an Apple II. It had a build in keyboard and basic and the output went to a video monitor.

Apple II
Processor: MOS Technologies 6502
Speed: 2 MHz
RAM: 4K expandable to 48K
ROM: Standard
Storage: Cassette tape then
floppy discs
Keyboard: Included
Display CRT Screen
Cost: $1,298

The Apple Revolution happened to David in August 28, 1979 when he became one of the partners in the first Apple Store in New Port Richey.
In 1979 David Rosenblatt had been working for General Telephone Company of Florida for 10 years as a television producer. Much of that video production was focused on providing effective training in the many different areas that GTE was involved in.

There was always the problem of trying to produce training and information products that matched the level and knowledge of the viewers.

The producer had to make an educated guess as to the level and pacing of production as television didn't give the viewer a chance to go slower or faster.

David knew there had to be a better way. After a lot of experimentation he developed a prototype interactive video tape system that could provide the user with control over the level and speed of learning.

In 1979 David developed one of the first interactive video learning systems in the country using an AppleII computer and a 3/4 inch video tape player. He also developed an authoring program and the hardware board to fit the computer.

David took the interactive learning system to the 1980 L.A. Video Show where he was not only an exhibiter but also a guest speaker on interactive technologies

There was a lot of excitment at the show from major communications companies.

The interactive system was purchased.

From 1984 to 1990, David directed interactive video R&D teams in a series of prototyping efforts resulting in a number of unique interactive video applications and custom developed authoring systems for GTE Data Services.

Developing interactive information and locator systems using state of the art technology which at that time required the production of Laser Discs to playback frame accurate video.

Interactive Business Locator

An interactive business locator was developed while David was with GTE.
It provided security as visitors needed to access the kiosk to enter a secure building.
The locator allowed visitors to locate employees, then telephone directly to employee and receive access.
This product was sold to several GTE operating companies for use in their corporate headquarter buildings.

Interactive Video Retail Sales System

David was also instrumential in developed and produced the prototype for GTE’s first interactive video point of sale product.

This product was created to assist the customers of the GTE PhoneMart with the selection and purchase of their telephones.

The interactive system allow the customer to find out any level of detail or feature they wanted to know about any product provided by GTE.

The system also explaned to the customers how to connect any phone they purchased with details available as a print out.

The customers could even get direct assistance at the interactive kiosk from a live assistant.

David subsequently directed the technology transfer into point of sale applications for GTE Phonemart Southeast and Phonemart MTO (Midwestern Telephone Operations).

Leisure Cruise Point of Sale System

One of the prototype products that David worked on was developed for the leisure travel industry.
This product featured travel information, tips, accommodations, commercials and even sales for the cruise industry.
While the point-of-purchase kiosk was in development, Lew Harris and Associates, New York, was commissioned to analyze buying trends and human factors in design of the interactive program. 
This information was utilized in the development of the system

Hotel Locator and Information System

David also created an interactive hotel locator that was developed for use in Hawaii.
Produced on a Laser Disc platform to allow the use of full motion video for information and advertising.
Local activities were promoted through video and animation and single frame images.
The kiosk had the ability to print coupons and maps.
Here a visitor is using theprinter on the kiosk to print a reservation at an in house restaurant after viewing the commercial for that restaurant. 
Full broadcast quality commercials were produced and edited for this product.
The system assisted the hotel in driving their customers into the hotel establishments.
The visitor could then print a map giving time and location information.

Burger King Interactive Food Ordering Prototype

The GTE Team also developed a prototype interactive video food ordering system for Burger King that included the combo meal concept created by David Rosenblatt.
An on-disc help system was available to assist customers using the system.
Fifteen years later the concept of the combo meal was re-developed by the companies.
By using the system customers could bypass the lines and get their order quicker.
In January of 1991, David Rosenblatt left GTE Data Services to establish Silver Image Interactive, Inc. a communications firm committed to the development of interactive video and multi-media products.

SILVER IMAGE INTERACTIVE, INC. was incorporated in the state of Florida in 1992.
The company is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida with clients located throughout the state.

Its scope of business activity includes project management; interactive program production,
featuring touchscreen multimedia, CD-ROMs, and DVDs; MP-3 audio tours; video and audio
production; website development; data file management; and system integration of product and equipment.

The company enjoys long-term relationships with clients specializing in educational, interactive programs and is featured in interactive museum interpretations throughout the state.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. is a full-service provider including research, scripting, video and audio production, graphics design and production, interactive multimedia authoring, website design and development, and kiosk and exhibit design.

Its lead team of David Rosenblatt and Merrily Miller brings a combined professional background of 80 years ranging from entrepreneurial corporations, video production, film production, public relations marketing, interactive multimedia production, business operation and administration to classroom teaching.

The paramount goal of Silver Image Interactive, Inc. is to produce programs that educate, energize and engage exploration.

Producing award-winning multimedia products

since 1991

Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

Contact us at (727) 251-4114 or info@silverimageinteractive.com