The Team

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. is a team of outstanding professionals dedicated to producing quality interactive products.

Interactive Pioneers

The staff of Silver Image Interactive has been a pioneer in the area of interactive video and multimedia with products going back to 1978. A key to the company's continued success as an interactive pioneer is the development of an extensive production methodology allowing the creation of high quality interactive products while maintaining a realistic budget.

Professional Staff

Silver Image Interactive offers clients over fifty years of combined production talents in the fields of writing, film, audio, video and multimedia production from our internal staff.

Proven media professionals from around the Tampa Bay area are brought in to complement the staff for special projects.

Providing Interactive Communications Skills

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. is in the business of applying communications technologies to the fields of training, education, information and sales.

Providing Effective Interactive Methodology

Products are developed using the following methodologies:

  • system design (high level and detail)
  • interactive product design
  • program scripting
  • audio - remote & studio production, digitization and editing
  • audio conversions
  • video - remote & studio production, digitization, editing, compressing & encoding
  • graphics production
  • graphics conversions
  • kiosk design, ergonomics and HVAC
  • human factors analysis
  • authoring
  • custom software development
  • hardware integration
  • hardware deployment
  • customer training

Producing award-winning multimedia products

since 1991

Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

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