"Wings of History" was produced for the St. Petersburg Museum of History. It was developed for use in schools as an educational and informational program about the principles of flight. It also provides information about the first commercial flight in the United States, which took place in St. Petersburg, Florida
In the "Hangar" you can find out about the parts of an airplane (as you can see on the right), learn how not to stall an airplane and even see how the controls work with QuickTime movies.
Each section (program) took a different approach to the subject. You can visit the classroom, the hangar, the labs, the museum, the theatre and the library.
Silver Image Interactive, Inc. uses music, narration, oral histories and video to provide the visitor with and informative and exciting program.
Here is a simple interactive segment where the visitor picks a date and get a story of flight that happened on that date.
Before the filght of the Benoist one had to take a train around from Tampa, north, west and then south into St. Petersburg.
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