Interactive Multimedia

WHAT is Interactive Multimedia?

Multimedia means using more than one medium-or way-to communicate. Talking while gesturing is multimedia. Writing something on a blackboard while explaining it is multimedia. A professor lecturing while showing slides-that's multimedia. Interactive means the communication is two-way, like a good back-and-forth conversation, or a teacher reacting to comments and questions from students.

An interactive multimedia program is a computer program that reacts to the person using it-a conversation between you and the machine. You can choose to skip a subject if you want, or have it explained in greater detail, or in a different way, or repeat it till you understand. Of course, the interactive choices aren't as limitless as when you talk to another person, but the computer never runs out of patience, which is a big advantage.

In reacting to you, the computer has a number of ways to communicate. These multiple mediums, or mutimedia, are: audio, video, graphics, photos, and text. The multimedia computer can react by talking to you, playing music and other sounds, showing videos, drawings, and photos, or by displaying enormous amounts of text.

Unlike a lecture, a movie, a videotape, or even a book-which are all basically passive experiences-an interactive multimedia program expects the user to be actively involved. You determine what you see and hear and when you see and hear it. If you don't understand a particular subject, you can choose to experience it again, to see a different explanation of the same thing, or to jump to another part of the program altogether. If you're not interested in one part of the program, you can skip it. If you want more in-depth information about a particular subject you can ask for it.


WHERE is Interactive Multimedia?

  • Museums
  • Exhibits/conferences
  • Retail
  • Medical offices
  • Business/industry
  • Hotels/restaurants
  • Schools
  • Homes


WHO Needs Interactive Multimedia?

  • Manufacturers
  • Health providers
  • Merchandisers
  • Educators/trainers
  • Employers/communicators
  • Information providers
  • Consumers


WHY Use Interactive Multimedia?

  • High impact product identification
  • Creates interest
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Provides a more effective and exciting approach to learning
  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Massive amounts of data instantly available


WHEN is Interactive Multimedia Available?

Right now, from Silver Image Interactive, Inc! We provide interactive products to:

  • Train
  • Sell
  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Motivate

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. also provides:

  • Interactive kiosks
  • QuickTimeVR remote & studio production
  • Digital audio production
  • Digital video production
  • Graphic design and production
  • CD-ROM one-offs and mass replication

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Interactive Multimedia is great for Point of Sale!

  • Dynamically presents products
  • Creates low sales pressure but high sales
  • Positively influences buying decisions
  • Features the impact of video


Interactive Multimedia is great for Health Services!

  • Increases patient understanding of procedures
  • Provides doctors/care givers more time for patient care
  • Collects patient information efficiently
  • Presents health information effectively


Interactive Multimedia is great for Education & Training!

  • Matches ability and levels of learners
  • Provides consistent expert information
  • Motivates learners in an exciting, interactive environment


Interactive Multimedia is great for Information Systems!

  • Provides users quick, accurate answers
  • Promotes understanding of products and services
  • Allows access to multiple levels of information


Interactive Multimedia is great for Building Locators!

  • Used in shopping malls, convention centers, office parks, theme parks, airports
  • Prints calendars, special events, maps, coupons
  • Displays hotel accommodations, tourist attractions, restaurants, entertainment

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