Contact: David Rosenblatt, President March 28, 2004
Merrily Miller, VP-Creative (727)298-0079

Multi - Screen DVD
Florida State Fair Authority

Clearwater, FL

Silver Image Interactive, Inc., a multimedia production company, developed a six-screen DVD program that featured historical images and film of the Florida State Fair. Dating back to 1904. the Fair celebrated its 100th year and offered a grand exhibit to all who attended at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida.

The guests were treated to displays ranging from a 1930s replica of a county's citrus booth, to a display of washing machines, photographic cameras, women's dress styles, antique cars, military vehicles and equipment and many other creatively displayed artifacts.

The DVD highlights the decades of Florida State Fair history, with archival photographs and film. The entire exhibit was represented as a huge carousel, filling the Special Event Hall beginning with the six monster screens hung in a circle in the center with "spokes of artifacts'
displayed and then capped with antique carousel horses on pillars of decade history. The projected DVD images were controlled and critically timed by computers that moved the images counter-clockwise along the six screens, giving the guests the feeling as if they were riding a carousel.

The entire exhibit was a collaborative effort between three Tampa Bay area companies, Guglielmo & Associates, Showtech, Inc. and Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

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