Contact: David Rosenblatt, President - April 7, 1995

Merrily Miller, VP-Creative - (813) 298-0079


Clearwater, FL.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc., a multimedia and video production company, was retained by the Florida Assistive Technology Impact Conference (FATIC) to document the conference and produce an interactive CD-ROM. The annual statewide conference was held at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, in March.

FATIC, held in conjunction with the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), highlights many of the latest developments in adaptive technologies and is attended by educators, parents and consumers of assistive devices. Following the conference, an interactive CD-ROM will be produced by Silver Image Interactive, Inc. to provide further information about the conference, present materials and resources on the latest assistive technologies and document various sessions held during the conference.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc., located in Clearwater, has both analog and digital facilities and produces video programs, interactive multimedia programs and CD-ROMs. These products are used for training and educational applications, corporate communications, electronic business cards and brochures, point-of-sale kiosks, on-line information systems and marketing presentations.

The company's experienced team has been producing interactive video since the late 70s. Presently Macromedia Director is its authoring language and interactive programs can be produced for either Macintosh or Windows platforms. For more information about Silver Image Interactive, Inc., please call Merrily Miller or David Rosenblatt at (813)298-0079.

For more information about this program or about Silver Image Interactive, Inc.,
contact either David Rosenblatt or Merrily Miller in Clearwater at (727)298-0079.

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