Contact: David Rosenblatt, President - April 08, 1998

Merrily Miller, VP-Creative - (813) 298-0079


Clearwater, FL

Silver Image Interactive, Inc., a multimedia production company, has been awarded the contract to produce a series of interactive programs for the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, Florida. The programs will be available in touchscreen interactive kiosks located in the Center for Florida History. They will present modules about Florida including prehistoric times, Spanish Fleets and Conquistadors, the British Period in Florida, Statehood, Railroads, Civil War, Cracker Living, and Florida's emergence in tourism and industry.

The interactive programs will entertain and educate the museum's visitors through animation, virtual reality experiences, informative narrations as well as educational games and challenges. Bringing the history of Florida through the days of the giant sloths and mastodons to the shimmering beauty and shattering sounds of a shuttle lift-off will appropriately illustrate the evolution which occurred in this state.

For more information about this program or about Silver Image Interactive, Inc., contact either David Rosenblatt or Merrily Miller in Clearwater at (813)298-0079.

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