David Rosenblatt, the President of Silver Image Interactive, Inc., has been involved in interactive video since 1979. As owner of General Technical Corporation in the early '80s, he pioneered one of the first interactive video tape systems available, manufacturing a hardware interface for the Apple II platform and a custom developed authoring system.  Since those early years, Mr. Rosenblatt has been continuously active as a producer of video and multimedia products and an innovator in hardware and software.

From 1984 to 1990, Mr. Rosenblatt directed interactive video R&D teams in a series of prototyping efforts resulting in a number of unique interactive video applications and custom developed authoring systems for GTE Data Services.

One of the prototype products was developed for the leisure travel industry. This product featured travel information, tips, accommodations, commercials and even sales for the cruise industry. While the point-of-purchase kiosk was in development, Lew Harris and Associates, New York, was commissioned to analyze buying trends, human factors in design of the interactive program.  This information was utilized in the development of the system.

In these early days of interactive systems, Mr. Rosenblatt was instrumental in the development of a proprietary platform for the GTE VisionTouch™ interactive video system. It was an authoring system to develop interactive video products.  During this development, IBM made an offer to purchase the system from GTE for its use. However, at that time GTE did not venture into a business arrangement with IBM.

Mr. Rosenblatt developed three pilot sites for GTE's first digital videoconferencing network. He designed the facility, oversaw the construction and specified equipment to be purchased. The facilities expanded to a network of thirty plus sites and saved the corporation millions of dollars in travel costs.

Another interactive product that was developed while with GTE was a company/employee locator.  It was used in several GTE companies across the country in lobby applications where security was needed.  The locator allowed visitors to locate employees, then telephone directly to employee and receive access.

Since 1990, Mr. Rosenblatt has been a developer for Macromedia Director and utilizes Director as the authoring platform for interactive products.  Macromedia has recognized this achievement and in the past commissioned him as a trainer and presenter for its company.

In  1990, David Rosenblatt left GTE Data Services to establish Silver Image Interactive, Inc., a communications firm committed to the development of interactive video and multimedia products.

•  Developed a proprietary GTE Hardware Platform for the GTE VisionTouch™ interactive video system

•  Developed and produced the prototype for GTE’s first interactive

video point of sale product and subsequently directed the technology transfer into point of sale applications for GTE Phonemart Southeast and Phonemart MTO (Midwestern Telephone Operations)

•  Developed and produced a prototype interactive video ordering system for Burger King

•  Developed and produced a prototype point of sales and information product for the leisure travel industry in cooperation with Carnival, Costa, Cunard and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines

•  Developed and produced a training program for McNichols Co.

This provided an interactive tool to use in the training of employees throughout the country. The system tested, scored and recorded the student's activity which could be evaluated by the instructor located at the home office.

•  Developed a kiosk based/CD-ROM interactive multimedia product for Florida Assistive Technology Impact Conference (FATIC) that provides information to the visually and audibly impaired.

•  Developed the software authoring for Center for Florida History, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach

•  Developed a program for the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science working in game design, audio and authoring.

•  Conducts training classes in Macromedia Director and has trained producers throughout the state.

•  Responsible for all programming, in three languages, for the State of Florida interactive presentation, "The Color of Florida," which was presented in Nagano at the U.S. Winter Olympics.  Traveled to Japan to install the hardware and software for the kiosks within the exhibit.

•  Works as a consultant for interactive programming with several firms in the Miami area.

• Authored and edited audio (both in English and Spanish) for multiple modules of an interactive program to be shown during the Summer Olympics - Sydney 2000 for the State of Florida. Traveled to Sydney to install and integrate programs in five kiosks.

• Produced four interactive programs for the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach.  Involves the creation of kiosks, authoring and audio production, digitization and editing. 

• Produced “Career Navigator” for the St. Petersburg College.  The program is a CD-ROM that was distributed to high school students in the Pinellas County School System.

Forty five thousand copies were distributed.  On-going updates augment the curriculum requirements and offerings for students.

•  Produced the six-screen DVD Centennial Celebration for the Florida State Fair authority that featured archival images and film depicting fair activities over the last 100 years.

• Edited video, audio, and music, and authored an interactive program on “Shipwrecks in St. Augustine.”  The program was released on CDs and distributed as part of an on-going educational series within the State of Florida.

Edited all images. narration and music for a DVD that is shown in a new multimedia theatre for the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

•  Continues to write on-going series of articles, for a nationally distributed magazine, Layers (formerly MacDesign).

•  Created and continues on-line maintenance and updating of website for professional organization, Media Professionals of Florida, Inc. (mediaprofessionals.org).

•  Presently working with Mote Marine Center in Sarasota, Florida to develop interactive kiosks that will educate visitors to the facility about various aspect of marine biology.  This project includes research, scripting, graphics, video, narration and music.

•  Presently designing interactive, 3-dimensinonal exhibit for the St. Petersburg Museum of History. This exhibit will run for six months (June 2006 through January 2007) and features “Haunted Tales of St. Petersburg.”  Location videography, 3-dimenisnonal build-outs, creative themes and mechanical models all will enhance the exhibit.

•  Presently researching and meeting with the New Smyrna Beach Museum of History in preparation for the completion of an exhibit during 2006 that features the Turnbull Settlement story.  Silver Image is producing all of the media for the exhibit including touchscreen interactive exhibits, DVDs, audio motion-sensor activated locations within the museum and various other media as determined.


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