CLARITY retained Silver Image Interactive, Inc. to create a marketing CD for CLARITY to promote the advantages and facets of its company, Included a complicated presentation with graphics translated to interactive CD format.

The Silver Image team has almost three decades of in the field of interactive technologies, media production and content development.

Animated menus create an appealing and easy-to-use navigation system.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. used full- motion video throughout the interactive program and designed the video to match the clients theme of clear bubbles.
Creative backgrounds were developed to expand the "clear" concept.
In this section PDF files are available within the program to give customers access to the documents when needed.

Extensive human factor development is used when developing navigation for the program.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. has been developing interactive touchscreen and interactive CD-ROM for industry and museums since 1992.

Telling the story through the use of audio, music, video, animation and text is a trademark or quality that Silver Image Interactive, Inc. uses to create outstanding products.
In this section animation is used to explain levels of detailed information.

The program is cross platform, playing back on Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Autostart is available on the Windows platform.

Clean, clear graphics highlight the important information, providing a visual background that does not interfere with the message.
Animation was used to expand on elements of the program and attract the attention of the program users.
Custom code can be developed such as the ability of the program to check the user's computer for software needed to view portions of the program. In this example the program checked to see if the computer had a current version of QuickTime and then asked permission to download the free software.
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