Silver Image Interactive, Inc. developed this marketing CD-ROM for Tip-Top-Credit.

Tip-Top-Credit's requirement was to build an informational and marketing CD-ROM that provide high impact and information through enhance graphic and narration.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. produced an interactive CD-ROM featuring PDF files for use in correspondence with credit bureaus, providing information to assist users in obtaining and understanding credit reports, correcting identity theft problems, and informing consumers of their legal rights

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. created an easy to use program for our client's users.

Human factors is used to create a program that provides easy navigation and usability.

A major requirement was to make Tip-Top-Credit look professional.

The look of our graphics played a major role in that respect.

The bold graphics and narration are also used to get the users attension and to impart our clients message to the users.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. can produce high quality business products from trades show programs to interactive touch screen exhibits and CD-ROM and DVD-Video interactive marketing products.
The program can be set to playback automatically or to stop at the end of each sequence and allow the user to move at their own speed.
These are additional examples of the graphic treatment Silver Image Interactive, Inc. provided for this client.
Links can be provided to the internet so you users have access to updated information at any time.
All programs are cross platform and can playback on Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Autostart is available on the Windows platform.

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