The Campus Security Information System (CSIS-2008-9) empowers the college/university to take control of emergency situations and provides accurate, timely information dissemination to the community.

The CSIS has two distinct operational functions. One is input and the other is output. The input function resides in the CSIS Command Center where information is entered into a secure intra-network by campus personnel. The second part of the system is comprised of the Digital Interactive Units (DIU), that is, the end receivers, such as computers displayed in kiosks.

Reliable, easy to use, timely and efficient the CSIS provides a critical tool that assists in promoting responsible communications to campus populations. It is a secure system offering checks and balances within the computer program to keep its integrity in place.
Strategically placed kiosks deliver up-to-the-minute alerts and emergency messages promoting awareness and campus safety. When not in an emergency mode, the program offers interactive information on campus activities, events, classes, administrative messages and campus locations.
The Campus Security Information System is the latest advancement in secure interactive systems developed by David Rosenblatt since 1984 and Silver Image Interactive, Inc. since 1992.
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