Interactive Laser Disc Products were developed for GTE from 1984 to 1990 by David Rosenblatt as Unit Director Interactive Video Production / Hardware Development.

This interactive product was developed for the leisure travel industry.

This product featured travel information, tips, accommodations, commercials and even sales for the cruise industry.

Using intelligent touchscreen kiosks we developed a system that allowed the end user to pick the correct type of cruise to match their lifestyles.
Purchasing a cruise on this was easy because the system contained and provided more information that most travel agents did.
A one on one "Introduction to Cruising" provide first time potential customer with important information that they would need to know. Things such as cruise insurance which is a topic most travels agents never discussed.

The interactive system answed every objection to cruising through a fun and informative Cruise quiz.

Gaining weight? not when you can excersise, walk, run and shop all day.
The clients could choose between competing cruise lines see everything about each ship, itinerary and discover the style of cruise they prefer.
Potential clients could see all of the entertainment that was available on a ship by ship basis.
Picking a stateroom was easy with built in cost calculators available for every date of the season and views of each room on the interactive system.
A potential client could even purchase the cruise on he system using their credit card for a deposit.

While the point-of-purchase kiosk was in development, Lew Harris and Associates, New York, was commissioned to analyze buying trends, human factors in design of the interactive program. 

After focus group testing it was determined that potential clients would use their credit cards to place a deposit on the system.
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