Developed for the City of Clearwater from 1996-1998, The City Information System was an easy to use interactive multimedia system.

It provided access to residents and visitors to the City of Clearwater.

The main selection buttons are always available on the left of the screen. Each major city department has access to its own database so they can keep information current. This version incorporates 24 different databases for the City of Clearwater.

To make our touch screen kiosks even easier to use we included touch maps wherever possible
The City Information System can provide printed information at the touch of your finger. The system is updated automatically via a dedicated phone line.
The City Information Systems is a stand-alone kiosk system to provide visitors and residents fast, timely information and the touch of a finger. Unlike the WEB users get full pages of beautiful graphics, sound and narration in an instant
Front view of kiosk installed in Clearwater Mall.

Kiosks were installed in locations where visitors and residents could access the information.

Rear view of kiosk installed in Clearwater Mall.

The City Information System was developed to fill the need of visitors and Clearwater residents. Silver Image Interactive, Inc. created a series of in-depth databases that could be developed and maintained by each city department. This created a system that could be updated continually. using state of the art cellular modems to update the various kiosks, Silver image Interactive Inc. created rugged touch screen kiosks that were placed in malls, a city building and the beach marina.
“The system provided information about city activities, events and maps on how to get around the city," said David Rosenblatt of Silver Image Interactive, Inc.
The City of Clearwater has a very active events calendar, hosting annual Fun ‘n Sun month-long schedule of activities and concerts. This venue allowed updated information to get immediately to the city’s resident base.
In addition, position openings were posted, providing the community access and awareness to city employment opportunities.
All of this information could easily be updated by appointed city employees.

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