Chapman J. Root was the inventor of the "Coke" bottle. His family dedicated a wing of thsi museum to Coke and railroad transportation.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. was excited to be the producer of choice for the Museum of Art and Science in Daytona Beach on ths project.

The exhibit included four interactive touchscreen programs in a new gallery provided by the Root family.

This exhibit coveres trains in art and history.
Easy to navigate interactive touch system are a hallmark of Silver Image Interactive, Inc., who has developed interactive programs since 1992.
A Virtual Reality (VR) Scene from "Art & History of Locomotive" includes: custom photography and Virtual Reality authoring by Silver Image Interactive, Inc. for the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytons Beach.

Just click and hold the mouse down on the object to your right and you can move your mouse to the left or the right to move the VR object.

You can laso zoom in with the SHIFT key and zoom out with the CONTROL key.

Museums have found VR to be an exciting way to display objects.

Users drag the names of the movies into the correct box for a fun and informative game.

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