With Florida’s sensitivity to its water table and the threat of pollution of its precious water sources, the Florida Botanical Gardens contracted with Silver Image Interactive,Inc. to produce an interactive program to help increase the awareness of the state’s dependency on its population to protect its water resources.
The interactive program primarily focuses on middle school children who often make class trips to the Gardens

A CD-ROM was also provided for the school system of Pinellas county.

Silver Image interactive, Inc. developed an exceptional program with games and interactive materials that keep students’ interest level high while providing them important facts about Florida’s aquifer.
The Gardens has a special requirement for a custom outdoor kiosk. After looking at all of the "off-the-shelf" kiosks, David Rosenblatt found that none met Florida’s temperature and humidity requirements.

He designed the kiosk with its own "Thermal Couple" air conditioning unit and equipped it with a daylight activated touch LCD screen so that the unit can remain outside and be accessible to visitors as they wander through the Gardens.

animated displays such as the water meter shown here wer used throughout the program to create excitment,
Here is a game that shows the impact of water use. As the user makes selections about cars, roads and factories, they view the results in terms of the environment.
Animation is used to show how much of the eart's surface is water.

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