Developed for the St. Petersburg Museum of History, as an interactive multimedia exhibit housed in a touch screen kiosk "Extra Extra" tell the story of the first commerical aireline flight in The United States.

That flight took place from St. Petersburg to Tampa Florida in 1914 in the "Beniost" airplane.

Using the theme of a newspaper, Silver Image Interactive, Inc. was able to tell a unique story with creative graphics, narration, music, video and an oral history provided by locals who rebuild the airplane.
Video was used throughout to help tell the story. Here a newsboy provides an introduction to a section.
Simple navigation provides the visitor with an easy to use program.
The history of newspapers and the newsboys was coverd to provide a background for the "Beniost" story
The story also covers local people who made a difference in the growth and life of St. Petersburg Florida.
Peter Demens came from St. Petersburg Russia and was instrumental in the development and naming of St. Petersburg Florida.
This is an interactive section where the user can touch a fact button and see a specific fact on the screen.
Menus are used throughout the program to allow easy access to any section of the program for the user.
Extensive research by Silver Image Interactive, Inc. staff has created a massive graphical resource of thousands of images from Florida's history.

We use these images to augment those provided by our clients.

Anothr interactive section where the visitor picks a date and they see what happened on that date as it related to Florida.
In this section postcards from the 50's are provided and users can select from a screen full of postcards.

Once selected the postcard fills the screen.

The user can the flip the card to see the information on the back.

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