The New Smyrna

Museum of History

The interactive portion of our media treatment was housed in a touchscreen kiosk.

This program covered the hardships and joys of building a home for the settlers in the new world.

The total content of this program would be over thirty minutes of audio, video graphics and textual information created from concept to final product by Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

we uncovered details that were not known before the development of our program.
The graphical treatment was a challenge as there was so little visual information available. Several maps created for the settlement we still available and we covered these in great detail.
Research provided us with a wealth of new information about Dr. Turnbull, his motives, desires and great determination to make the settlement a success at any cost.
In-depth research turned up new letters to and from Dr. Turnbull as well as documentation on the people in the settlement.
A lot of the material found in that research was used through the program to enhance the information that was available at that time.
we included the 1773 people census that was provided for the backers of the settlement.
The interactive portion of the New Smyrna program provides depth and information about a difficult subject

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