Developed for the Historic St. Augustine Village, as an interactive multimedia exhibit housed in a touch screen kiosk, "French in Florida" covers a historic chapter in Florida's history.
Easy to use menus are key to an effective program.

Silver Image Interactive, Inc. uses human factors to provide easy navigation and usability.

In-depth research allows Silver Image Interactive, Inc. to provide accurate information while making history enlightening and interesting.
Developing graphical time lines that are easy for users to understand and navigate is one of the many things that Silver Image Interactive, Inc. does well.
Another version of a time line in use in this program.
When the user touches a date on the left of the screen, a new window opens with additional information.

This is a submenu that will provide more details of the story if the user wants more information.

This is an example of custom code created to provide a fun and interesting game.

As the user moves through the game, questions are asked and if answered correctly the pirate moves on toward the treasure chest.

The user is scored and can tell how well they did at the end of the game. They can always play the game again.

In-depth stories are provided about the local pirates.

This provides a look into the lives of the people and how they handled these problems.

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