Settling America covered the port of St. Augustine, Sailing the Seas, Conservation, Stories, Superstitions and Sea Monsters.

It also include support material including lesson plans, games and a glossary.

Visitors could spend as much as forty minutes watching and interacting with the touch screen interactive program created by Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

Using creative graphics, professional narration, audio, video all integrated into an exceptional interactive program.

This screen show a timeline of events that happened at the St. Augusting port.

When the visitor clicks on a date on the above timeline the see a screen of information related t0 that date.

User navigation is always considered and visitors can always move around through the program quickly and easily.

Layers of information provide a content rich program. The visitor is moved deeper into the program with easy to use sub menus.
Custom games are developed to enhance the experience. This game is "The Colonial Job Finder", built to look like an early newspaper.
The game provides a group of jobs that would have been available at that time and asks the visitor to just touch the name of the job and drag it to a job description.

When the visitor selects the "Done" button, they are told how well the did.

They can try again and again to learn the differen't jobs.

Another game tests the nautical skills of the visitor.

Here they are asked to touch a description and drag it to where it belongs.

When they touch the "How'd I do" button they are given the correct answers.

In this section visitors are given examples of "Sea Shanties" or songs sung on the ships to help the crew to work together and also to provide a little relaxation.

Several of the songs were provided in written form and several were provided as music and song that the visitors could listen to.

Another game taught conservation of artifacts.

Throughout the game visitors are asked to select the right tool for finding the treasure.

Its a fun way to learn about diving and conserving artifacts for the future.

This is an interactive story that allows the visitor to change the outcome of a story at the touch of their finger.

They can go back and read a new story based on their selections.

This is fun and informative at the same time.

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