Developed for the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, as an interactive multimedia exhibit housed in a touch screen kioks and a CD-ROM to provide reoccurring revenue to the museum.

The opening image used 3D animation to create a moving background.

Hand colored images were created by Silver Image and were used as visual buttons for easy navigation.
Living and Working a Lighthous is an award winning product by Silver Image Interactive, Inc.

Using narration, music, video creative graphics, animation and custom game authoring, Silver Image Interactive, Inc. brought the story to life.

This is an example of using 2D animation and narration to help tell a story.

The cute animated gull brought additional story detail throughout the program.

In this section on the duties of a lighthouse keeper, the complete story was told in rhyme.

The users clicked on the time of day and were given an exciting and fun story using animation and sound effects.

In this section Silver Image Interactive, Inc. created a database of lighthouse keepers and their assistants.
The animated gull pops up throughout the program to provide a light touch.

Here if you touch the gun it fires and you hear the explosion.

In the "Children Corner", Silver Image Interactive, Inc. provided a number of games and narrated stories for children.
A custom feature was an interactive story for children called "Telling a Tall Tale".

The children selected words from a short quiz section.

Those words were integrated into a story that the children could watch and change in real time.

The story war narrated and that narration changed based on the words selected in the quiz.

Another custom design was a drawing program for children. They could select from several pictures of the lighthouse. They were then told to follow the small butterfly on the screen with their finger. The next image shows you what their drawing looked like when completed.
When they finished drawing the outline with their finger, they can then go back wiping their finger over the image creating a finished picture.

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